What Are The Advantages Of The Keychain?
Nov 19, 2018

The keychain is a small commodity that is commonly used in our lives. The keychain is more convenient to use in our life. There are many materials for making the keychain.

1, PVC soft plastic keychain, can be shaped, can be customized according to the scale and shape that you want, the mold opening fee is generally not too expensive, the jewelry store this material most; shortcomings, the color is often dull.

2. Zinc alloy keychain, zinc alloy is also one of the more malleable metals. Generally, the surface is rust-proofed by dripping oil or thin metal plating;

3, leather lamp key chain, sewn with leather, divided into leather, imitation leather, PU, a keychain with small lights embedded in the center, night or melancholy can also be used for lighting

4, crystal keychain, generally made of artificial crystal material, can be made into crystal keychains of various shapes, the cost generally ranges from one to several tens of dollars. Crystal has become a favorite of hipsters. There is a song saying: "I love you, like crystal, no shoulders, secrets, clean and transparent. My favorite is beautiful crystal, shining together with you and my heart." Crystal has become pure and mean.

5, solar keychain, the center has a solar panel, the sun shines, if there are any pictures inside;

6, ABS material three-dimensional keychain, open an injection mold, injection molding with ABS material, and then coloring, due to the cost of mold opening, the general number is relatively large. It is much better than PVC.

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