Metal Souvenir Military Coin Table

Metal Souvenir Military Coin Table Zinc alloy metal Antique bronze plated 3D raised...

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Metal Souvenir Military Coin Table

coin 1932_副本.jpgMetal Souvenir Military Coin Table

Sigle side design in high raised 3D

Sandblasting recessed

No enamel just in antique bronze color


Awards Gift CO.,LTD production equipment

Molding department:

CNC die carving machine X 4

Milling machine X 1,grinding machine X 1, spark machine X 1

Die casting department:  die casting machine 88T X 1 And 120T X 1

Stamping department:

Oil hydraulic press stamping machine X 1

300T stamping machine X 1

150T stamping machine X 1

100T stamping machine X 1

90T stamping machine X 1

Pouching machine X 9

Polishing department:

Automatic polishing machine X 1

Hand polishing machine X 9

Coloring department:

Automatic coloring machine X 3

Independent lab, spectrometer, salt spray machine etc

Awards Gift CO.,LTD make coins in brass / Iron / Zinc alloy / Aluminum / Stainless steel material.

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