Armed Copper Silver Brass Coin Trick

Armed Copper Silver Brass Coin Trick Brass metal Gold,silver plate...

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Armed Copper Silver Brass Coin Trick

Coin front

This is souvenir coin for army,there are 2 coins pieces be assembling into 1 coin.

Centre gold coin with vivid 3D eagle design.

Silver coin base,with text raised surround top and bottom.


Coin back

Back of coin also made of 2 pieces.

Gold coin with 3D feature,siver coin base with text and leaf in 3D raised. 

Whole coin diameter is 70mm,gold coin diameter 50mm

We can also make coin with gold - silver 2 tone plating in 1 piece,but for this coin,why we make it in two seperate pieces?

Because for 2 tone plating finishing,it is suitable for 1 color in small area and 1 color is whole area.

For above design,half coin in silver color and half coin in gold color,what's more,there are 3D is better to finishing them in two seperate pieces.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is professional coin maker in China,inquiry us to get best offer :

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